Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Books of Samuel ... Introduction

So, even in this most recent time of being ... well ... estranged from my habit of Bible study, I'll pick the Book up every now and again ... and as often as I do, I'll turn to the books of I and II Samuel. Mostly out of force of habit.

Maybe because I tend toward nostalgia ... and these passages remind me of a happier, more certain time in my faith. Yeah, back in the day when I thought I knew it all ... (there is a great deal of security -- false though it is --in thinking you've got it all figured out whether you do or don't). I think I sometimes want to feel how I felt back then when I was first reading these books ... which is an impossibility. Knowing what I know now I cannot possibly feel like I felt then ... right? Why would I even want to ... right?

But I am going, for the time being, to rather religiously assume that there may be something to this propensity of mine for Samuel. Dare I suggest that it may be the Spirit leading me back and back again to these same stories that so inspired and motivated me when I was younger (so much younger than today). Yeah ... let's assume that for the time being -- especially since during a very random visit to the School of Theology library I picked up a new (to me) commentary on the books of Samuel that has been absolutely illuminating.

So ... here I go again. The Books of Samuel!

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